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Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

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Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

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Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort, Where Social Distancing Happens.... Naturally

Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort…
Where Social Distancing Happens Naturally

Written By The Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort Team 

It seems like we are in year 5 of quarantine. No? It sure feels that way! It seems that we are all trying to just survive and not go stir crazy. Maybe we are even becoming a little indulgent during these uncertain times and finding ourselves getting a tan from the light in the fridge. Just me? 

Do you find yourself wanting to escape just for a weekend but the thought of crowds, hotels, and public restrooms seems a bit reckless? Not to mention the sardine, germ petri dish of an airplane completely out of the question? 

We are feigning to travel somewhere close enough that you can just do a grocery pick up on the way and skip the pit stops. Possibly a place just a few hours away from the concrete jungle, that is secluded, outdoors, and breathtaking? A place that is following covid-19 hygiene protocols, and limiting social interaction as much as possible. 

While it’s still vitally important to practice mindful distancing, there is no reason we can’t escape and save our sanity by getting outside, and breathing in the fresh & clean air. Getting out into some nature is so good for the mind, body, and soul.  But if you’re like me, I definitely want my nature, but I also want to keep my modern comforts and luxuries! 

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Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

Cue Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort. 

One of the safest, most socially distant way to travel and keep your sanity during these trying times. Tucked in the beautiful East Texas Pines is our breathtaking 800+ acre resort. We like to think of it as our little nature preserve, with miles of trails through endless acres of towering piney woods.  It’s hard not to maintain a safe social distance while on a getaway here. Let’s be honest, it’s safer to engage with the beauty of nature than with strangers anyways— and a lot more fun!


Cabins & Lakehouse Vacation Rentals

Our 19 lake houses & cabins offer all the modern day comforts and amenities you need as well. Kitchens are stocked with cooking and eating ware, bedrooms and bathrooms filled with linens, you only need to bring your bag of clothes, favorite toiletries, and some food. So, while we are secluded, off the beaten path, and far from the concrete jungles of modern day civilization, we are a safe, comfortable, and easy way to get away from it all.

At Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort it feels like you have the whole place to yourself. Very remote and your chances of running into neighbors and getting within 6 feet of anyone is very unlikely. With 19 lake houses and cabins spread throughout the ranch, accommodating groups anywhere from 2 to 16 folks, you have a lot of options for your trip.

Weddings at Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort
Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

Something For Everyone

You can stay in a house or cabin on the Lake and have your morning coffee on your own private dock watching the resident blue heron hunting for his breakfast. Or how about a secluded cabin with no other houses or people in sight? Something with a meadow view where you can see for miles and watch a mother deer and her fawn grazing on your front yard in the morning. We have these available as well. Or do you love horses and other farm animals? Pick one out of several options where horses and sheep are in your backyard waiting for you to feed them an apple or a carrot. 

We also take our outdoor, socially distant adventures very serious out here. Want to take it slow and hike? Pick from the countless different trail heads that are tucked in between the towering pines. You will get your heart pumping, explore nature, and find yourself spotting a white tail deer before seeing another human. 

Maybe you are wanting to see everything and you don’t want to hike every step of the 850 acre 16 mile trail resort. You can take one of the ranches comfortable off road UTVs for a spin, and feel the fresh air through your hair and hear the leaves crunch under your tires.

The seasons offer a wide array of Nature

The fall is a perfect time to see the beautiful trees changing colors, the spring and summer are wonderful times to swim, kayak, or take a Jon boat with a trolling motor on one of 2 private lakes. The Deer Lake & Dream Lake, each spring fed, stocked with bass & perch, and teeming with natural wildlife. The Winter offers a chance to enjoy the solitude and peacefulness as nature rests and prepares to reset itself.

We offer horseback rides year round. These are a great socially distant way to enjoy the nature trails with loved ones. Our kind and gentle horses love to meander with you through the woods and sight see the awe inspiring scenery.

We even have an outdoor escape room/adventure! So if you are yearning for some mind bending entertainment, take a race against the clock and see if you can cipher the clues, and decode the hidden messages in time to escape!

Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

Take some time to enjoy the moment

Have you taken the chance to look up lately and really take in the view? The stars are bright enough to feel immersed in them here with no skyscraper buildings or city lights to block your view. If you have kids, their life is changing as fast, if not faster, than anyone’s due to the corona-virus. School looks a lot different from home than in the classrooms they are used to, or if they are in class, now they are looking at their neighbors through glass shields and wearing masks all day long.

Reconnect with Nature & Loved Ones

Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort is a great place to reconnect with them and help them connect with nature. Come out and teach them some outdoor skills like how to start a fire, locate the North star, spot different types of vegetation, how to care for the earth, and protect wildlife. Do they know how to kayak? When was the last time they made mud pies or hand made bow and arrows.  Now more than ever kids need to get outside, get a little dirty, and use the parts of their imaginations that only the great outdoors can give them. What a great chance to disconnect the computers, ipads, and phones and reconnect on a human level. Make eye contact, play a board game, cook a meal together, and learn a new skill. 

Nothing creates family memories quite like roasting some marshmallows in the firepit together and telling stories and recounting the adventures from the day or days gone by. I know I love grilling some burgers or steaks together on the grill right in the backyard while taking in the lake view and color changing trees. 

When the sun is out hike the trails right outside your backdoor, kayak, fish, or ride a bike. Getting outside makes for a nice break from binging all your favorite shows and sitting on the couch for hours and hours working on our quarantine 15, which if this keeps lasting and lasting could turn into the quarantine 50.

Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort
Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort

The Perfect Family Getaway

Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort gives you a fun and affordable way to travel still, somewhere that you can escape to, to safely recharge, take a deep breath of fresh air, and feel at peace during this crazy time.  An amazing place to get us out of the house, out of a rut, and keeping our sanity through these unpredictable times.

But just being outside doesn’t absolve any of us from the CDC’s recommendations against gathering in groups. Luckily you have 850 acres of secluded trails that help you keep your distance from any other guests staying at the Resort. Harvard Health Publishing recommendations that are part of the Harvard Medical School, that recommends hikes, bike rides, walks and runs as long as you do your best to maintain at least 6 feet between non-family members.

We do still encourage anyone who visits to take any and all proper precautions in order to keep them, their loved ones, and others who could be vulnerable to COVID-19 safe. Folks may from time to time run into one another on a trail and we encourage them to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet. Additionally, we encourage the CDC’s advice of washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer often to prevent the spread of the virus.

Travel Is Changing

Travel for the foreseeable future looks different for so many of us. With flights, cruises, and so many of the ways we used to get around either unavailable or much riskier for us and our loved ones, short trips into nature can be an incredible way to refresh our souls. We hope that Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort can offer you and your family the safe and rejuvenating escape that you need to keep your spirits high through these crazy times.
Deer Lake Cabins Ranch Resort